February 12, 2016


Welcome to our Diamond Law Center, LLC home page. The Diamond Law Center is our education and resource center for real estate investors and property owners. Diamond Law Center is headed by Bob Diamond, Esquire and Ed Diamond, MBA finance.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with effective real estate investing education and strategies, as well as legal needs and referrals. The skills of both Bob and Ed enable them to offer these courses and services.

Law Firm: The law firm is headed by Attorney Robert “Bob” L. Diamond, who has been an attorney since 1995. Bob’s experience working or real estate developers, banks and businesses spans both litigation and transactional work.

Real Estate Investing: Bob Diamond is a premier expert on real estate investing. He is a published author of courses on foreclosure investing, Commercial real estate investing, wholesaling, buying assets out of bankruptcy, and buying out of probate. Bob is a successful real estate developer, and an active investor himself. Bob’s unique combination of expert knowledge and real-world experience make him the go-to source for real estate training.. Read more here>>>

Bob can help you learn effective money-making techniques whether you are new to real estate or an experienced investor.

Business growth and turnaround practice: Ed Diamond leads our practice for growing your business by large multiples by applying entrepreneurial techniques and methodologies he developed in 15 years of Fortune 500 executive assignments and 10 years of entrepreneurship.

Our business philosophy is simple, learning a solid systematic way to bring value, working consistently, and being ethical is the way to achieve.

More about the law firm:

Bob has personally worked on over $100 million in real estate transactions as an Attorney or principal. He is experienced in identifying and analyzing properties, putting together entities to hold them, raising the money and managing the properties to completion. He has done this for clients and on his own behalf, which ensures you get an Attorney that not only, knows theory, he has done it himself.

Bob also has extensive banking experience in new loans and also in loan workouts.

During the current mortgage melt-down Bob has watched as lenders mis-managed the process of handling defaults on loans and unreasonably refused short sales. It didn’t matter to the lenders if you were rich, poor, or even a member of Congress – banks have mis-treated many innocent people who needed a payment reduction to keep their home or business.

This mis-management is causing untold misery for borrower and has magnified losses at banks. Bob has taken up the fight on behalf of consumers by becoming involved with loan modification to help stop their pain and misery. Bob and Ed have taken up the cause by not only taking on banks in negotiating the loan modifications but also in educating consumers and business owners so they can negotiate with their lender themselves.

More about Real Estate investing training and coaching:

We take your real estate investing education seriously and do our part by providing effective, timely and well laid out courses that work. Real estate investing is complex and you need someone to teach this to you who have the experience, educational background and legal edge to put you in a position to win.

Look around the “guru” landscape, there are few credible, licensed experts willing to spend time teaching you this. Bob has spent his entire career investing, practicing real estate law and LEARNING including forced continuing legal education courses to ensure that Bob is always up to date and prepared to give you the right information at the right time.

We have study at home courses and coaching programs, depending on what your goals are, your objectives and your budget; we can help make you successful.

Will you buy a course, push a button and get rich? No, but if you take action, learn the material and implement, you will get results.

We take your education seriously, when you call we have real humans that answer the phone, we have real people that respond to emails and we work hard to help you succeed.

Business growth and turnaround practice:

Business rates of change have accelerated dramatically in the last 7 years and it is led by shifts in the way that businesses are marketed and managed. Are you effectively leveraging your marketing dollars to drive profitable sales? Are you managing your operating costs so that you are able to compete and operate as the margins continue to compress in your business?

The marketing landscape has changed completely and internet marketing, social media, mobile apps and traditional direct mail and media (TV & Radio) are channels that you must master immediately to survive. Yes, not to thrive, this is just to survive.

Have you figured out how to manage your employee costs? With healthcare reform, aggressive IRS enforcement of employee contractor rules (3,000 new IRS agents are going to help you with this) and increasing payroll taxes you’d better figure out how to use virtual assistants and off shore resources in your business.

Ed has a successful record as a CEO, CIO from 1985-2002 and entrepreneur since 2002. Ed has been part of taking companies public, taking companies private and bootstrapping.

Ed leads our business in this area and is passionate in helping other business professionals accomplish this as well, if your business can benefit by adopting these methods, I am willing to consider an engagement with you. Just to be direct, we only want to work with people that really want to go to the next level and are willing to take massive action. That is what is required, taking massive action to move upwards and onwards.

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